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Glimmer of Hope is pleased to announce the launching of Candy for the Cure. Candy for the Cure is a program developed by Glimmer of Hope to help raise funds for the nations largest under 40 breast cancer study in the country. Every dollar raised goes to support breast cancer research and the fight for a cure.

Purchase your candy bar online HERE or from any of our participating retailers listed below, then look for the unique entry code on the inside of the wrapper, and fill out the entry form that includes your unique entry code. You will be entered to win and the drawing will take place on July 1, 2009.

*Wrapper must be presented when claiming prize.

T-Bones Inc
100 Vip Drive
Wexford, PA 15090

Salon Vivace Spa
Treesdale Pine Township Location
620 Warrendale Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Hair it Is and Nails Too
977 Perry Hwy Ste 4
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Congratulations to our Winners

Grand Prize
Tiah Popa

Second Prize
Linda David

Third Prize
Nancy Hennessy

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